Facebook messenger is one of the most popular messengers on Android, iPhone, and the web. If you’re using Facebook, then you would probably be using messenger. The real downside of the service is that the unwanted messages flood your inbox and gets frustrated by those unwanted messages. So how to delete someone from messenger? It’s really simple and easy to do. Just follow the below instructions and you will be good.

Who can contact you on messenger?

  • Your Facebook friend
  • A person you don’t know
  • A person who has a mutual friend with you
  • A person who doesn’t know you completely
  • A person who has your number

It’s obvious that a person can send a message on Facebook if he or she is on your friend’s list. By default Facebook allows anyone to send you a message but you can always turn it off under the privacy settings. The third important way of communicating is through your number.

At first, Facebook allows only the people on Facebook to communicate with each other on messenger but later on, they changed the basic functions similar to WhatsApp. One can contact others if he or she has the phone number (However, both should be using Facebook). Let’s see how to block someone on Facebook?

When a person who has you as a mutual friend contacts you, then the messages will be sent to the message requests section. You will have an option to accept or reject the messages. Rejecting will block the person from sending you any more messages.

When a completely unknown person contacts you, the messages will be sent to the filtered messages.

How to delete someone from messenger on iPad or mobile?

1. Open the Facebook messenger and find the person you want to block.

2. Long press the chat.

3. Once long pressed, the chat will slide to the left bringing more options.

4. Tap the three horizontal lines to pull more options specific to the chat.

5. At the bottom, there will be two options namely Ignore messages and Block.

Ignoring the messages will turn off the notification of the selected chat and will move the conversion to spam.

Blocking will further open two options to choose from.

Block on Messenger

This option will block the person from sending you messages or calls. However, this will not completely block them from Facebook (Thus, they can still see your posts, photos, and videos, and leave a comment).

Block on Facebook

This option will remove them from your friends’ list and completely block them from communicating with you.

6. Choose your desired option and tap near it. Both options will further ask you to confirm your choice. Tap block again to confirm it.

Another method

1. Open messenger and tap the chat you want to block.

2. This will open the chat. Tap the i button on the top right corner of the screen.

3. Scroll to the bottom to find the options, ignore messages, and block

4. Select the one you want and proceed with the process.

How to block someone from messenger on the desktop?

1. Go to facebook.com/messages

2. On the right-side panel, click Privacy & support to expand it.

3. Same as the mobile, this will provide you with two options, ignore messages or block messages.

4. Click your desired option and continue with the procedure. Finally, click Block if you have chosen to block the messages.

Use these methods to block anyone from the messenger. None of the methods will notify the person that you actually blocked them. Feel free and block them to prevent them from sending you messages or calling you.

How to Unblock someone from messenger?

You may have accidentally blocked someone or you no longer want a person to be blocked. In such case, they want to be removed from the block-list

1. Open the messenger and tap your avatar at the top left corner.

2. Scroll down and tap People.

3. Then it will lead you to three more options. Tap Blocked people.

4. On the next screen, you will find all your blocked contacts with an option to Unblock.

5. Tap Unblock near the contact you want to remove from the block list.

6. Tap – to unblock the contact. However, you will be taken to a new page to confirm it. Tap Unblock to remove the people from the block list

That’s it, now you block the person who is sending you unwanted messages. If you still feel frustrated and want to take a leave from Facebook for some days, you can always deactivate or delete your Facebook account.

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