One of the most annoying problems we face after getting our iPhone into water is the lack of sound quality from the speakers. The iPhone 7 and later are technically waterproof which certifies iPhone 7 and newer as IP67 or iPhone XS and newer as IP68. These iPhones can be submerged into the water over three feet (Six feet for iPhone XS and above) and can withstand up to 30 minutes without the phone getting damaged.  

The most common problem that we encounter is the muffled speaker. As it is impossible to seal the speakers, water enters them and blocks the sound output resulting in a dull sound.

There is no current official solution by Apple for this temporary problem. Just take your iPhone and try to clean it with a dry cloth. But this won’t completely get rid of the water from the iPhone.

The same situation will arise if an Apple Watch is used in the water because of 2nd gen and newer watches are being waterproofed.

Unlike the iPhone, Apple has a fix for the problem. Eject water, a feature announced back in 2016 for the Apple watch series 2 and later. This series and above can eject water from the speaker with just a tap.

Apple cleverly comes up with an idea and integrated a low-frequency sound into the watch that actually splits out the water from the speaker when played.

Using the same kind of frequency, it is possible to eject the water from the iPhone as well.

How to eject water from the iPhone like Apple Watch?

To implement this sound, we need the help of shortcuts. The shortcut is an app that allows developers and even the users to create a quick action for the iPhone to process. Additionally, the shortcut is integrated with Siri as well.

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Using the Shortcuts, a developer named Josh used the same kind of frequency to eject the water from the iPhones.

How to use the Shortcut to Eject water from iPhone?

  1. Click and open the Shortcut link from below on your iPhone
  2. iPhone will detect the Shortcut file and open the Shortcut app automatically
  3. Now the app will display all the services that this shortcut will work with.
  4. Tap Get Shortcut to download it
  5. Go to the Shortcut library and tap Water Eject
  6. To eject the water, tap Begin Water Ejection

The shortcut will now push most of the water from the speakers and make it sound great again. For easier access, you can add the Shortcut to certain places on your iPhone such as widgets, hey Siri, or from the home screen.

To add the shortcut to the widgets, simply swipe your home screen or lock screen from the left edge to the right of the screen to open the today view. Scroll to the bottom and tap Edit. This will open the list of apps or services that you can add to the widgets. Find and tap + on the shortcuts to add the shortcut to the widgets panel. You can now simply tap the shortcut on the widget (which will bring a prompt, tap Begin Water Ejection to activate the shortcut) to eject the water from the speakers.

To add the shortcut to the Hey Siri, tap the three horizontal dots (ellipsis) on the Water Eject shortcut in the shortcuts library. Now, tap Settings and select Add to Siri. Choose the suitable way to add, either by using your voice to record the phrase or by typing it directly.

To add the shortcut to the home screen, do the same steps as you’ve done for the Hey Siri but instead of taping add to Siri, tap Add to Home Screen.


Even though this shortcut helps in ejecting the water, Apple didn’t officially add it as a feature. Using this shortcut often may damage your iPhone’s speaker so use it at your own risk. Once or twice may not have a serious negative impact on the device. Never use this shortcut while wearing headphones or airpods as it will greatly damage the ear.

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